Macquarie Wagyu is proud of its hard earned reputation as the ‘Artisans’ of the long feed, lot feeding of ‘the Wagyu’!

Here premium Wagyu (& Wagyu Cross) cattle are bred, backgrounded, fed and marketed to a world that is increasingly hungry for the ultimate beef taste and flavour!

Why Macquarie Downs:

  • A team of highly experienced long feed lot feed craftsmen who maximise the Wagyu breed traits.
  • A very unique micro climate for year round productivity.
  • Pristine and extensive rangelands for better breeding.
  • Most fertile soils for fodder growth and better feed rations.
  • High availability of irrigation water to grow great feed every season… every year.

From 23 full-blood Wagyu heifers in 1999 has grown to over 700 full blood wagyu breeders… and the quality and quantity of premium, full blood Wagyu mothers grows all the time.

With almost 10,000 hectares, much developed to improved pastures and 1300 hectares under irrigation, there is little to limit genetic harvesting, breed expansion and ongoing genetic improvement!

 The owners and managers measure and manage every aspect of the breeding and feeding of the ‘Macquarie Wagyu’!

  • 100% traceability – paddock to plate.
  • Calves have DNA samples taken and are matched up to their dam and sire.
  • Electronic and management ear tags for perfect traceability.
  • Each animal is weighed regularly and performance data is recorded and submitted to Breedplan.

The ‘Macquarie Wagyu’ is exported worldwide and marketed under the ‘Macquarie Wagyu’ Brand. Constantly improving and widely recognized as of very high quality within the meat industry, our team, at every stage are driven to master the art of Wagyu breeding and feeding.

Regularly, we deliver the ultimate taste to prestige restaurants and premium retail chains.

This quest to be the ‘artisans’ has led to Macquarie Downs Wagyu becoming the home to a long list of awards!

  • 2014 Feedlot of the year (feedlots less than 3000 head)
  • Supplier of the Grand Champion winning entry to Andrews Meat Industries Shiro Kin Brand at the 2014 Australian Wagyu Association Branded Beef awards       
  • Supplier of the gold medal winning entries to Andrews Meat Industries Shiro Kin Brand for Class 1 fullblood Wagyu 100% class at the 2013 and 2014 Australian Wagyu Association Branded Beef Awards
  • Supplier to Andrews Meats Industries Shiro Kin Brand- 2014 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show – Winner of Dick Stone trophy Grand Champion Grainfed  Beef Winner of Champion Open Beef Exhibit Gold Medal
  • Supplier to Andrews Meats Industries Shiro Kin Brand– Winner 2013 Royal Qld Food and Wine Show Branded Beef Competition 
  • Supplier to Andrews Meats Shiro Kin Brand - 2012 Australias Best Steak - The John Kilroy Cha Cha Cha Grill Branded Beef Show

So how can Australian cattle Breeders capitalize on the Macquarie Downs Wagyu phenomena?

  • Contract Feeding: We expertly contract ‘Long Feeding’ of quality Wagyu (& Wagyu Cross) progeny. The biggest advantage is that you receive comprehensive feed conversion and carcass trait data to drive your breeding decisions.
  • Female Purchases: We regularly source the very highest quality Wagyu females and the feed conversion and carcass trait data is shared back to breeders.
  • Bull Sales: We regularly market superior genetics and pure Wagyu bulls to quality breeders of Purebred (and Crossbred) Wagyu cattle. Ramp up your business case rapidly with a Macquarie Sire of semen.
  • Purchase: We buy (F.B. Wagyu) Cattle for Feedlot Finishing so if you have quality Wagyu that need an artisan touch to reach their potential, call us.
  • Genetics – Quality Wagyu genetics for sale to Australian Breeders.
  •  Premium Meat:  We have developed the ultimate supply chain, from paddock to plate. We can even network you into our supply chains.

‘Macquarie Wagyu’ – “Japanese beef, bred and fed in Australia for the most discerning   Wagyu Beef connoisseurs in the world”!

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